Message From My Guruji -

About Amit (Bablu):

An interesting event — I went to visit my elder brother Dr. Krishna Kumar Chatterjee, a well known Doctor residing at Rusera Ghat — Bihar with my wife Sujata and daughters Sangeeta and Sumita, there I saw sweet little Amit (Bablu), youngest son of my brother. My wife liked him and we all fell love with the sweet little boy. I found him very eager to touch and play with my Tablas. My brother a real Tabla lover, told "Sankha you have two daughters no son — take Bablu with you , adopt him and bring him up as your own son. I was happy to bring him with us to Kolkata adopted him admitted him in a school for education and started teaching Tablas. He was very fascinated with tabla and practising daily in the morning by himself. I never had to ask him to practice, my wife told him if you practice seriously your Guruji will be very happy with you and that was enough. Within short time Bablu could play a Tabla solo for my musician friends which includes Pdt, V,G. Jog, Pdi Chimnoy Lahiri, Ustad Munawar Ali Khan to name a few and got blessings.

I was taking him with me in my own concerts in music conferences where he could see the great musicians of our Country. I took him to my Great Guruji Ustad Allarakha Khan Sahab, little Amit played for him and got blessings from him.

Gradually he started playing solo and accompany reputed musicians and earned a good name not only for his performances but also for his humble and gentleness. Presently he is one of the known musician among younger generation. I feel proud for him and bless him for his very successful musical career and long life.